Tuesday, 29 March 2005

Neo Nazi Nonsense

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Whilst trawling the highways and byways of the World Wide Web on an afternoons revision break, I stumbled across what might be aptly termed ‘a sewer of hatred’.


The Stormfront message board is hilarious and disturbing in equal measure. It is run by a former klansman and appears to be mainly populated by fanatical neo-nazis, Holocaust revisionists (deniers) and conspiracy nuts. Of course a chatroom can only be as good as the people in it; normally the details included in the public profiles of internet users are an exercise in banality, containing details such as ‘I am 14, I like to listen to Destiny’s Child and I think Matt Damon is sooo cute’, on Stormfront they are rather more interesting

‘I live in South Florida where iam the last outpost down here. By one side which is the southwest region i have illegal mexicans and on the other side which is the southeast is nothing but cubans and south americans.I truly live in a horrid nightmare. For a person to interbreed with another from another race is racial genocide by throwing away your great Aryan genetics to the sub humans’

I suspect this is the kind of person who has sexual relations with his sister in order to preserve his bloodline. The topics of conversation range from ’60 reasons why I hate Black people’ to the celebration of ‘Germanic values’ such as ‘Truth’, ‘Honour’ and ‘Perseverance’ – they seem to have left out ‘invading other countries’, ‘pinching the sun-beds’ and ‘being beastly to the Poles’. There is even a poetry section, most of which appears to be anti-Semitic with titles like ‘The Jewess’ and ‘A Jew in your heart, a bullet in your head’. It purports to have been set up for those that want to reclaim their heritage and unite against the immigrant hordes that threaten the survival of what is loosely termed ‘the white race’. Apparently the Jew run media controls everything, even the movie ‘Revenge of the Sith’ has anti-white connotations.

“Let's start at the beginning. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi are the first Jedi introduced in the saga. Both are white males, but Qui-Gon dies at the hands of Darth Maul, who, with his black and red tattoos, obviously represents the anger of the oppressed blacks and Native Americans. …There is not one single white person on the Jedi council. In fact, the two people running the show are Yoda, an elderly cinematic shilling to the idea that the older generations are smarter and more capable than the younger, and Mace Windu, a black man. In fact, so important was Darth Shaft that he was given the only purple lightsabre in the galaxy. While we're at it, let's take a closer look at lightsabers. The blades themselves are a core of white light surrounded by color. As if to say that, while white people may be in power, we are surrounded, and it's only a matter of time before we are usurped by people of color. …Darth Vader - the blackest man in the galaxy - bossing around stormtroopers, who are the biggest collection of white folks the world has ever known. Is this meant to promote the idea of blacks enslaving whites? ……as a side note, the beautiful green female Jedi* is played by a beautiful white woman named Amy Allen (unless she happens to be Jewish)”

According to the music section, Ozzy Osbourne is a ‘race traitor’, ‘Birth of a Nation’ and ‘Zulu’ are the greatest pro-white movies of all time –although Lord of the Rings is a close runner up because there’s not ‘not a black or yellow face in sight and plenty of heroic strong white characters’-, and Kylie Minogue deserves to have breast cancer because ‘she defiled her body with non white, and is a homosexual oracle’. Other highlights include agony aunt style threads such as ‘My sister is dating a Jew’:

‘Her boyfriend/partner/whatever, though, I don't like. We have arguments frequently because he doesn't listen to me, and he point-blank refuses to do anything I ask of him… Tonight we began talking together about our ethnic heritage. He asked what we were and I told him we are 100% British including English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish (in that order, btw); to which he responded by saying that he was Polish. This surprised me since his surname is an English one; so I said, "surely you mean you are *partly* Polish" to which he agreed. What he said next left me speechless "My mother's grandparents were Polish Jews who escaped the Nazis by coming to Australia," he said. I must confess: I lost the plot. I said some things without thinking. I said, "are you quite sure about that? If this is true, I don't want you even touching my sister. You should find out whether it is true." I said to my sister, "if this is true, I don't want you ever to have children with him; you'll destroy our bloodline forever. "My sister then went to the phone and rang my mother to tell her what an "evil nazi" I am. And then I said, goodnight, and logged onto stormfront.”

The whole thing resembles a sort of a ‘Dear Deirdre’ for Nazis; when I pointed out to him that in fact he did sound rather like an ‘evil nazi’, I was met by a chorus of disapproval and was accused of being a subversive Zionist.

I am also regarded with varying degrees of scorn on the ‘Holocaust Revisionist’ threads, although that might have something to do with my multicultural avatar, which depicts stick figures of different races holding hands. According to the self styled experts on Stormfront, the whole event never took place. But isn’t it the best documented genocide in history?. Apparently not, it was fabricated by the Zionist high command and the Allied powers to draw attention away from their own atrocities. So let me get this straight, in 1945 all the most powerful Jews managed to win the cooperation of the world's greatest military and political powers, forge thousands of documents in record time without being detected, and create physical evidence attesting to an annihilation programme, all that and convince the Nazis on trial to come up with the same story about gas chambers that didn’t exist. Doesn’t that seem an incey wincy bit unlikely?, well not to a bunch of Nazis suffering from a permanent suspension of disbelief. Apparently the mountains of historical evidence can be cast aside because of factual inconsistencies, the findings of various forensic reports (all discredited and all written by badly qualified revisionists) and the fact that S.S confessions were extorted by torture (there is no evidence for this). Revisionists appear to be highly schooled in the ‘la la, I can’t hear you’ method of arguing and most are so infantile it’s hard to believe they are being serious.

One chap in particular is my particular candidate for moron of the year. His main characteristic is to declare any evidence presented to him ‘inadmissible’. I showed him a gas chamber blueprint and his idiotic response was something like ‘that’s not a gas chamber, it could just as easily be two robots fucking’. ‘Where are the bodies?’ he keeps insisting. When I told him they had been reduced to ash in crematoriums and cast into rivers or used as fertilizers, he then informed me he was unconvinced and wanted all the ash collected and examined. I was incredulous

“What the hell do you expect me to do to convince you?. Go out to Poland with a bucket and spade and start digging for ashes and ground up bone?, and then come round to your trailer park with tons of ashes and have you count it. You know what you would say then?, 'Inadmissable”

In reply he called me a ‘whiney little bitch’ and told me to ‘grab my balls’ and admit that I could not provide any evidence of mass exterminations. When I did, he ignored it and said that he had ‘put a wig’ on me ‘slapped’ my ass and called me ‘Sally’. You’ve got to love this standard of debating, not even A.J.P Taylor would have been as offensive as that.

I see in the papers that the Yorkshire ripper believes he will one day be released from jail because he intends to use the clich├ęd defence that voices in his head told him to do it. I have always found this concept a tad puzzling. Why do the voices always say bad things like ‘kill that guy’ or ‘get your hammer from the toolshed and club that prostitute to death’. Why do they never say nice things like ‘make your mother a cup of tea’ or ‘the chrysanthemums look like they need watering’. And even if they are saying nasty things, why the hell should you listen to them. Right now there is a voice in my head telling me I should procrastinate but I suppose I should get back to work.


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