Friday, 22 April 2005


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I think I understand why all these South American countries are always having bloody coup d'états, it’s because of the hot weather. The short walk into town is rapidly turning into a re-enactment of the Bataan death march as I shrivel under the suns rays and sweat profusely from the nose; this most awful of seasons sends me praying for rain like Jean de Florette. Throughout this week’s expeditions to the Victoria centre with Katie, the sweltering summer heat sent my patience to an all time low and left me consumed with hatred. Even the sight of small babies with happy, chubby faces sent me into raptures of loathing and it was all I could do to stop myself from launching a shopping jihad. The general response of the Clarke’s to hot weather is never a happy one, as evidenced by our family holiday to Crete where we retreated en-mass to a cave and sat there like lizards while bronzed Italians sunned themselves on the beach. Certain people look good in this type of weather, I try my best, but its hard to look presentable when you are sweating like Gary Glitter at an S-Club Juniors concert.

An unfortunate side effect of the summer time is that it motivates wankers to play their music at full blast. One of my neighbours has been indulging in this particular sin on a regular basis. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if their C.D collection consisted of soothing classical music; in fact I would even take Jean Michael-Jarre over the rubbish that’s been polluting my eardrums for the past few hours. If I had a piss-poor music collection I would be more inclined to keep it under wraps; sadly, other people are not as inhibited as I am. One track in particular has wound me up like a cobra in a basket. It starts off as a moderately irritating rap, but matters take a turn for the decidedly worse when it reaches the chorus; suddenly a high pitched voice chimes in, singing ‘Lonely, I’m so lonely, got nobody….to call my own’. To compound matters, it’s voice then ascends to an even higher pitch, as if it its originator had suddenly been violently grasped by the testicles. I presume this crap was produced by the same axis of evil that created the ‘Crazy Frog’. The arrival of this new threat to my sanity has caused me to relax my stance on terrorism and conclude that it is justifiable in certain contexts. I would love to post a letter bomb to those responsible for these ring tone adverts, provided I could be sure that the Royal mail wouldn’t mess up its delivery and stamp it with ‘return to sender’.

History is replete with dietary madness. I recall the Ethiopian emperor Menelik II, who thought that he could combat illness by eating pages of the Old Testament; in the end he choked on a particularly indigestible mouthful. My particular vice is that I tend to fixate on one particular food product such as pesto and pasta, which I ate nearly every day of second year. During one particularly infamous week I lived solely off a block of my flatmate’s cheese. The girl who was the tenant living in this house before us has moved on to pastures new, leaving us enough tuna to last through a nuclear holocaust and, were I living alone, I would have taken this opportunity to exist purely on a diet of tuna salad. I have however, been restrained by Mrs Clarke, who informs me that if you consume too much of the stuff, you die a slow and painful death from mercury poisoning. I can see much pathos in this manner of snuffing it, but perhaps it’s a little early to resort to that.

Luckily, none of my dinner guest choked when I invited them round for a barbeque last night. The only unpleasant aspect of the whole affair was the amount of preparation the house needed before my friends arrived. In the old days I would not even have bothered to move my dirty laundry from the settee or buy more bog roll in anticipation of a house visit, but I am now living under feminine rules. Under this new regime my undeserving guests are to be treated like the Olympic committee, and every inch of the house must be scrubbed and swept before their arrival. Every time I find this process tiresome, I cast my mind back to the days of Lamond Drive and House 43 Albany park, the hairy toilet and the pubic wall, the floor strewn with pizza boxes and rotten food, the mice in the kitchen and the mound monsters we discovered in the coffee mugs. Maybe being civilised isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Sunday, 17 April 2005

Movin on up

Certain dubious sources inform us that the human race was never meant to be monogamous. If this is the case, then why was I born without certain crucial faculties?, such as the ability to cook chicken without getting food poisoning.

Raw Chicken

Raw chicken is something of a nemesis of mine. Three years ago, after a night’s expedition to the nightspots of St Andrews, I woke up in my Gatty bed-sit with something of a dodgy stomach. As if on cue, Calum entered my room and said ‘Who the hells been eating my chicken???’. Staggering over to the fridge I beheld the spectacle of a chicken breast that was unmistakably uncooked. Some rash fool had evidently taken a bite out of it. ‘Well it wasn’t me!’ said Eugene. ‘Well it wasn’t me either said Steve. ‘Well who was pissed last night???’. I looked guilty and beat a hasty retreat into my room, slamming the door behind me. In my English tutorial that morning my colon resembled one of those wind tunnels they use in laboratories to test aerodynamics. I recall that it was incredibly hard to concentrate on ‘Paradise Lost’ when my stomach was howling like the Hound of the Baskervilles. The identity of the Chicken Scandal culprit was all too obvious.

Another attribute I seem to lack is the ability to remember people’s birthdays. Why the hell is it I can remember the exact date every major war of the 20th century started, but not when my mother’s birthday is?. Hopefully the next world war will start on my mum’s birthday. It will doubtless be a catastrophic waste of human life but it will serve as a fantastic ‘aide de mémoire’.

I could list more but I think I suspect I would be here all day. All this leads me to the inescapable conclusion that moving in with my girlfriend is not –as is portray in men’s magazines- the beginning of my downfall. True it requires remembering to put the toilet seat down after I go to the bathroom and washing every piece of cutlery multiple times to guard against hordes of malignant germs. The appearance of an arachnid in the household is no longer a trivial incident, instead it is greeted with screams of ‘Humphrey!, there’s a spider in the bathroom!!’. I am now required to sally forth like Achilles to crush the offending insect -this feels slightly ridiculous but it does make one feel slightly heroic. After all the trials and tribulations of this year I finally feel the content I felt at St Andrews, plus that nagging feeling that I should be somewhere else has evaporated.

Whether I am moving up in the world is certainly a subject for debate. I have moved from the worst area of Nottingham (St Annes) to what is supposed to be the second worst area of Nottingham (The Meadows). This isn’t so much moving up as moving sideways. However, a cursory glance around my new neighbourhood tells me that whatever reputation this area has, it certainly isn’t deserved. My new home lies on a quiet Victorian terrace. The ‘Palais De Clarke’ is next to a vast playing field dotted with children who seem to all be playing cricket rather than sniffing glue. About a hundred yard walk from my house is the river Trent, which snakes its way along a pleasant tree-lined embankment. A little further along this route, and you come to well-maintained memorial gardens with fountains and rose-beds. If this is supposed to be a ghetto then my name is 50-Cent. I am far more likely to see joggers, Asian families and old biddys on my daily walk than I am to see crack-whores, gangstas and chavs -compared to St Annes this place is Beverly Hills.

‘Don’t forget to pack a bullet proof vest’, quipped the boyfriend of the girl who we are replacing as tenants as me and Katie left for an evening stroll. Later he was back, to store his valuables in our house for safe keeping because his house had been raided by pikey kids. Living in a ‘decent’ area is all very well but your stuff is much more likely to get nicked. In fact it seems to be something of an amusing pastime for the local criminals to rush across the Trent to the affluent West Bridgeford, steal a number of items and charge back again. The spirit of Robin Hood lives on it appears, and I for one am glad that I’m living amongst the merry men. As Voltaire would say, ‘everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds’.

Tuesday, 12 April 2005

Various rantings

There is nothing more tedious, depressing and downright annoying as a woman who has taken leave of her dignity and formed a distressingly deep attachment with an unsuitable male. In the futile hope that the intended will one day see the error of his ways and come round eventually, the deluded female brings his name into every conversation, describes boring anecdotes about his character in meticulous detail and, when drunk, spends hours shunning the general conversation to send progressively more creepy text messages to her beloved. The first time I encountered this phenomenon was with my flatmate of two years, who lusted after this guy she had had a week-long relationship with in my first year at St Andrews. By the sounds of it, the brief love affair had consisted mainly of sleazy sexual encounters, followed by a dismal cocktail of backbiting and recriminations. Nonetheless, good old Gordy would sometimes pay a nocturnal visit to my housemate, promise to call and make his merry way back home. My flatmate would sweep around the house in joy, spring-cleaning and phoning her mates to tell them the wonderful news. Predictably, the roguish fellow would prove about as reliable as the 16:12 from Liverpool Lime Street. Weeks past and no phone call came. Gloom descended upon our happy household. After this had happened a dozen times I was beginning to see that she was never going to cotton on. Love is blindness, but in some cases it amounts to outright stupidity.

Another time I encountered this phenomenon was when I was trying to hit it off with one of my friends in Second year. Instead of telling me how great I am -or some other suitable topic of conversation that could have been a prelude to drunken snoggery- she insisted on talking about her nauseating ex in a way that made him sound like a cross between the marble David and St Francis of Assisi. ‘I admired him for his honesty’, she would witter on, as I rolled my eyes, ‘for instance, he would always tell me if I happened to be looking ugly that day’. This is a common feature of the obsessed female; they will take some despicable characteristic of their idealised former lover and twist things around to make it seem like an adorable quality. The ex began to pop into every conversation and I began to grow sick of hearing it. ‘I saw him playing football the other day’, this girl would announce, as if this were akin to witnessing the second coming of Christ, ‘I think he might have looked at me, but I wasn’t sure’. Here also we see the capacity for self-delusion, as the woman constantly looks out for omens like an 8th century monk. Every trivial gesture becomes magnified into something far greater, a mere wave in her direction or a passing mention of her in conversation, becomes a sign they are going to settle down together, have kids and get married. Usually, this is about as likely as a sequel to ‘Mein Kampf’.

Mein Kampf

Another feature of this type of woman I should mention, is their irritating habit of saying ‘I wish he (the unsuitable male) was a nice guy like you’. I do not believe that nice guys exist, it is far better to see them as potential bastards. Similarly, it is easy to preach freedom and equality when you are a small time rebel hiding in the forests of the interior, however it’s hard not to resort to megalomania when handed the keys to the presidential palace. Women who prostrate themselves in this manner, are subjecting themselves to the fickle mercies of the disinterested male, it’s a position of power they finding it all too tempting to exploit.

My room overlooks a school playground, a vantage point that has given me a valuable insight into the problems with the education system in this country. Children are no longer forced into freezing cold class forms and given endless amounts of Latin grammar. Instead they seem to have perpetual break time, given leave to spend their school days running around outside my window and screaming their little lungs off. Much more of this and I shall turn into a Daily Mail reader.

In other news, my intellectual powerhouse of a fiancé has attained some ridiculously high ‘grade point average’ and won a scholarship to Nottingham. In about 19 days time I shall begin moving my stuff from the cells of Blenheim hall into the more homely surroundings of my friend Sarah’s house. I now need to get a job from somewhere, a venture that requires returning to the infamous application forms and sending the fictionalised version of my life contained in my C.V to various employers. The ‘real world’ is approaching fast.

Call me old fashioned, but what the hell is the point of this??????

Friday, 1 April 2005

The Ku Klux Movie Database

Ever wondered what goes through the mind of a Klansman when he goes to the cinema?. Well wonder no more, the Stormfront message board has a ‘movie reviews’ section and I’ve copied and pasted their views on a series of cinematic features (no this is not satire, but I wish it was). Its amazing the amount of racial connotations that I never noticed before.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

title or description

‘My opinion on Harry Potter: A bunch of lefty propoganda. The bad guys could be compared to WN's, and the protaganists and associates could be considered liberal multi-culties. Take Voldemort or Malfoy for instance. What are they and what are they trying to accomplish? A wizard world for Wizard Nationalists. No muggles, no mud bloods, just wizards. Now in comes our Harry Potter, whose parents were killed by Voldemort, who could be compared to a leader of the movement, and Harry is out to try and stop the WN's (Wizard Nationalists), thus making him a magical traitor! Everybody tries to get him to become a mysticalist again, even that hat thing, but since he was sent off to live with his muggle parents, they made him think it was okay to be accepting of muggles and mud bloods. They abused him and he knows that something's not right, but he doesn't want to admit it! Unfortunately, when he gets to school, he's still all for magic-mixing and the like. Hell, you could even call him a wuggle. And now, here is a couple of crappy pictures of Malfoy depicted as a WN. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to try to put a flight jacket on the boy in this pose’.

'Harry Potter series:
Nearly all White clique promoting "purity" led by Aryan poster boy= evil
Multiracial clique promoting "diversity" led by shaggy Beatles poster boy= good'

Terminator Three

title or description

‘Considering any kind of stereotypes or memes the flick contains. Of course it's stupid to look for deep meaning in such film. But one thing that should be noticed is few non-whites. The only nig who occupied remotely noticeable screen time was a tiny episodical role and all he did was dying in a pathetic way (hehe). Some mestizos were also just dying real quick, as far as I can remember. Now of course I realize that many "White" people may actually be jews, but since I'm not expert in telling jews by looks nothing bothered me in this department. AND(!!!): considering realism, this time around, when they show scientifical laboratories, FINALLY, all (or almost all) are WHITE. What an improvement over T2 with a ****ing nig genius.

The story is about White people meeting and learning to accept destiny and fighting for survival, discovering their own potential in the course.’

Lost in Translation

title or description

‘Nothing much happens but it is a good movie, with style and caring and it's a White movie of Whites in Japan, Japanese are alien, but not hostile…..And, the best part, I notice the complete absence of Jews anywhere. Can't feel or sense the Jew in direction, in actors, in the characters around. I guess that was why the film was set in Japan.’

Alien Vs Predator

title or description

‘I just watched the movie. I almost bursted out laughing at the female mulatto Negress and the other mulatto Negro male, who nearly sound White by their lack of ebonics. How many of those do you see everyday? Not very often. But movies like this, which try to portray Negroids as highly intelligent human beings--when combined with the same type of conditioning in other movies and in all other forms of media 24 hours a day--leave White lemmings with the impression that the average Negro is our intellectual equal.

The movie begins with a scene of the Negress climbing a steep cliff of ice in the middle of snowy nowhere, all by herself, just for fun. Again, how many Negroes can tolerate cold weather, much less climb the side of an ice cliff with a pick? I live in Alaska, and Negroes make up 3.5% of the population, and I've never seen a Negro do this.

Jewish Hollywood, of course, provides that her character cares more about the others in the movie, as demonstrated by her prior refusal to accept the assignment on the grounds that she's had insufficient time to train everyone in the art of artic survival (incidentally, all of the characters under her guidance were grossly under-dressed for antarctic sub-zero temperatures), and by her constant leadership efforts throughout the film. Also, out of all of the other specialized genuises assembled on that team, it was she--the Negress--who was the last human to survive, as though to suggest that Negroes have a sharper degree of common sense than Whitey. One looks at Africa for signs of these elevated character traits, but we see Blacks consulting "witch doctors" to cure AIDS. Again, how many of Negroes like this do you know?

It is also the Negress who is "adaptive" enough to form an alliance with the Predator in order to defeat the Alien, even though the Predators murdered half of her crew. Naturally, the Predator is so impressed by her courage and her fighting abilities that the Predator dons her with the warrior mark on her cheek; and at the end of the movie, the Predators give her a weapon as a symbol of their respect.

The movie shouldn't be called Predator V. Alien. It should be called Negro V. Reality.’

The life of Brian

title or description

‘This is a great movie and it works well from an Alfred Rosenberg, positive Nordic Christianity which would take the teachings of Christ and leave out all the Jewish intrigues of Paul and Peter. The Python movie only has Jesus in it for about 30 seconds and he preaches strong, positive religious message - the audience is a bunch of Jews now living under Roman rule.... the Jews are idiots, mixed up, conspiring Jews. The movie shows the truth that White Roman rule brought the benefits of White western civilization to these Jews, but the Jews were too selfish and egocentric to appreciate the benefits.’

The Incredibles

title or description

The superhero Mr. Incredible is a metaphor for the white male. Lots of spoilers so go see it before reading on, I highly recomend it.

Mr. Incredible saves lives, his power is hurculean strength and invulnerability, much like white America back in the day. Unfortunately one of the ingrateful people that he saves sues him with the help of a jewish lawyer, and he is forced to hang up his cape. Although his methods were destructive at times he was ultimately doing the right thing, but because of a change in his culture Mr. Incredible can no longer be a Strong White Male, he is relegated to a mundane job, being ordered around by a boss who is not even close to half the man he is, his self esteem is lacking and he gains weight and is out of shape. His lovely wife Elastic Woman metaphorically todays White Soccer Mom, thinking she is doing what is best for her husband constantly stands in between Mr. Incredibles man hood by demanding that he no longer does what he was born to do, save peoples lives. Mr Incredible in due course forbidenly starts becoming a hero again. As soon as he does this his manhood returns, his happiness is restored, his health recovers, and his physical relation with his wife heats up.

His wifes transformation is just as important, her journey lies in her letting go of control of her man and trusting in his morals and his strength, and there is this great scene where her ignorance of her husbands will to protect her leads to her finally understanding that as a mans ego is a neccesary tool that he uses to defend his family, and she poignantly convinces him that she understands this and that together with her participating equally they can protect each other.

Basically what this movie is about is societies unhealthy roles for man and women today, and how they lead to unhappiness, it also touches base with societies drive to reward the mediocre, and punish the superior, or the Incredibles.

Napoleon Dynamite

title or description

‘This is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. Not only was it completely stupid, it was filled with blatant propaganda. The pansy White nerd main character befriends a Mestizo, his queer-acting brother meets a Negress from the Internet, and she transforms him into a wigger. The nerds' grandmother is portrayed as a butch dyke who rides dirtbikes over sand dunes. The principal of the school is potrayed as a facist racist for making fun of the Mestizo Napoleon befriends. The Mestizo's cousins are gangmembers seen as good people. The blatantly Nordic children are made to look evil and selfish.A blond girl rejects the Mestizo's invitation to the prom, and we're supposed to feel sorry for him until the White nerd girl accepts his offer. The Mestizo later wins the school Presidential election in front of a cheering all-White crowd against the wicked Aryan cheerleader, after Napoleon dances like a wigger to the Negro music given to him by his race-mixing brother's new black girlfriend. The underlying message seems to be if you act queer, race-mix, and befriend minorities you'll be sucessful. If you're White and proud you will fail and be viewed as unpopular’


title or description

‘This film is part of my crews and grandsons' basic training. One of the very few movies actually worth paying for these days, and well worth at least taking the trouble to record when it appears on television.’

Ygg's WN movie list is jam packed with movies of this quality, and is worth checking out. Christmas is coming folks. And I'm dreaming of a White one!

I also used to love the Patriot and Braveheart. Then I realized that Mel Gibson was just stereotyping the English as a cruel and ignorant ethnicity. I used to be a celtic nationalist who worshiped Mel Gibson. Then I saw Zulu. Irish, English, Welsh, Scottish, Dutch, and even Swiss men working together against waves of savagery. This made me realize that it was more important to be proud to be white and not worry about conflicts from the 13th centuary. I just finished watching this movie for about the twentieth time, and I swear, it NEVER gets old I just love it, something about thousands of savages getting slaughtered just tickles

*sigh* How I long for the days of the British Empire...’

XXX2 The state of the union

title or description

'My personal summary of reflection on the movie XXX2 “State of the Union” 2005: is that this film is nothing more than another Hollywood trash movie which echoes and mirrors the empty collective Jewish race soul. In this age where Jews continue to climb in power and where globalized capitalism is coming to its zenith, the Jews unceasingly create nothing but mass produced conveyer belt style movies with empty substance, poor dialogue and expensive eye candy. I guess in some ways I can’t blame them, money is the God of the Jews and considering the world is becoming a multiracial globalized plantation these kinds of movies are bound to extract some cash from the ignorant MTV attention span masses.

How do I put this succinctly? This movie is pure Jew Multicultural Garbage with lots of the usual Jew themes like mostly white people are bad and black people are good. Blacks are glamorized as car thieving criminals, not looked down on but as heros who save the day. In this movie Blacks are smart people who can build super elite tricked out cars as they are wise engineers. Not one negative roll for blacks in this movie, even the car jacking negro criminals are glamorized into champions of the day. A Gang of car thieving negros team up with ice cube to invade the most secure government buildings in the world to neutralize a presidential coup attempt by evil whitey, even though these buildings are guarded by untold military people and resources.

For the most part, but not entirely, White people in this movie play back stabbers, white female seducers who entrap innocent negros, evil plotters, incompetent extras, college boy lackeys and other types of subtle but negative images and characteristics among the whites. Not to mention the movie appeals to the very bottom of the IQ spectrum with lots of matrixesque Jew gibberish and cheap dialogue. Samuel L. Jackson, who can undeniably be described as a good actor slips to new cheesy ghetto lows in his acting and dialogue.'

The Day After Tomorrow

title or description

‘So get this... The scientists somehow conclude that we all have to run South of the Border to escape the coming ice age. How ironic that after years of Mexicans and other South American immigrants coming here illegally, now the white man is illegally crossing the Mexican border. And why is it illegal? Because the Mexican government at first refused us permission to come into Mexico(!) Yes, after sending us millions of illegal immigrants, they now tell us to go pound sand in our time of need. Finally they tell us that we can come there if we relive their debt. As if we couldn't take their little sandbox from them with sheer force with our military! But wait, at the end of the movie, the president tells us how grateful we should be of the 3rd worlders who helped us all out.

Speaking of propaganda, they had to have a black scientist at the beginning of the movie who kisses his white wife goodbye and their mulatto child too. Oh yes and some feminist calls Nietzsche a "chauvinist pig" in one scene.

This movie has the typical cornball Hollywood soundtrack and picks a few random people to follow including some Jew and a girl who he is chasing, a homeless negro and a few scientist. Oh yeah, I forgot the Jew's dad and a guy and a Chinese woman (you are left to guess if they are a couple, but it is implied). It has lousy acting, an assinine story and propaganda of the blatant and subtle variety. Oh yes, and it has a happy ending too. Even the president, who they thought died, lives to give his stupid speech lauding the 3rd worlders.’

Meet the Fockers

title or description

‘The whole thing was a propaganda piece for jews and anti-entertainment. It tried to make the whites look foolish and uptight; while the jews as these loving, accepting, free spirited intellectuals. In the end the whites were overcome by the persuasiveness of the jews arguments and saw their lovely daughter become a race traitor. I keep to myself out in whiteland and was disgusted by how truly ugly BS and Hoffman really are ! Yes churn and retch.’

Kill Bill

title or description

‘That movie was great.A white woman killing hordes of gooks and 1 nigger.
Im still in shock that a 'strong black woman' was killed.I was thinking that she would whip the bride and they would team up or some bs like that. I also had to set with loud blacks.After the film was over I remarked to a friend that it was about time a white woman killed a black on screen-in front of them.they werent to loud after that.’

The Passion

title or description

'Just got back from the theater! I think The Passion really exposed who really killed Christ. However some scenes were deleted that would have really rubbed it in. Still it was the most anti-semitism I have seen in a LONG time in a public place. The theater was packed! I could hear some anti-semitic conversation going on, in front of, behind, and to my right. I imagine several people to my left were seeing a good dose of the truth as well.
Our natural enemy has taken a good solid hit, that wont heal for a while now. The main part of the plot line that got alot of stress was that although the Romans did the deed, they were forced to by Jewish politics much the way an American Governor would be today, being put under pressure to "crucify" someone of thier (the jews) enemies.'

'I will have to make plans to see this movie some time in the near future. To hear that good, decent, bible believing white christians are seeing this movie in droves is a sign that Jewish decadence in the movie industry is finally weakening. Note how piece of crap, interracial love-fests like "O" and "Save the Last Dance" always seem to bomb at the box office, while a movie like the Passion is being raised to epic-like proportions. It shows that some segment of the American population still want quality in their movies, and wont tolerate Jewish propoganda any longer'

The Terminal

title or description

I must say that I was very disappointed that yet another decent movie concept and story line had to be cooked up and sautéed bland Semite style by lightly and gently sand spraying this dish with Jew bytch glatttt-kosher diarrhea and then finally topping it off with a sprinkling and smidgen or two of slimey hymie matza ball dingle berries. Good job Slimeberg on taking a movie you could have finished strong with, and then ultimately ending it on a half-note ? and when I say half-note, I?m not referring to the worlds smalled book: tasty and delicious Jewish cooking as I discussed early in this paragraph, no, instead I?m referring to the love story aspect that spewberg jew boy?d in the end.

Now let?s get down to shoah businitz about this movie.

Despite the usual Jewish feces injected into this movie, like most Hollywood movies, I would like to state that this movie ?The Terminal? was an interesting story with enjoyable character development offering some nice giggles and baby tear jerk or two from mama zetas hopeless rom-antics."

"The movie is staring the mildly Jewish looking Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones (married to a Jews), with a whole slew of rag tag multicultural actors, including lots of chubby but noble smarty art negro policemen and staff, you know those can do no wrong noble types. Indeed, not your typical violent street apes that infest every major city on earth, but those pudgy, cuddly, noble and friendly Hollywood smarty art negros that are harmless and you would just love to have on your team. The head kike in the movie is an up and coming slimey hymie who becomes the head of homeland security honcho. Throughout the movie, the Jew who plays the sort of bad bureaucratic kike changes at the end of the movie when he redeems himself, by letting victor (tom hanks) go after a 9 month pseudo-prison sentence in an airport. How could slimeberg let a narrow eye?d fleshy nosed jewboy not finish strong? Bad Jew? Never! And to top it off? A little interracial fantasy marriage spawned in the way cheap trash dive novels drool for, you know that spontaneous I-never-knew warm and gushy way, but with a silly twist of a minimum wage making fork lift driver who is your international man of mystery falling in love with a negress desk jockey, it was Victor Divorce-Sky (tom hanks) as your match maker ? see you in 2 and 2."

Shrek 2

title or description

I was ready to throw up for most of it. The reason here is because the race mixing propaganda and the completely anti-white outlook of the movie was so well sublimated into a palette of emotion-evoking situations that most folks can relate to (or have been taught to relate to). Every traditionally positive influence was portrayed as scheming, diabolical, murderous even (the king pays a killer to whack Shrek while acting idiotic and petty and is actually a frog, the fairy godmother is diabolical instead of wise, etc.). In one classic anti-white scene, all the best old classic romantic fairy tales like sleeping beauty, Cinderella, etc. are thrown on a table while the fairy god mother says no ogres in all of them. In other words, they are all wrong, un-pc, bad. (that's the take-home message anyway). Anything exclusively white and with white ideals is bad or illusory at best--that is the total message of the movie.

The entire purpose of the movie seemed to be to destroy white ideals, to condition us not to resist our destruction. That was the take-home message of the movie deeply planted into the emotional brain. Even when Shrek and the princess have the chance to be more European-looking, they choose not to be as "the right thing to do". The movie is utterly destructive. I looked around at al those white children watching and thought of how utterly horrible it was that they were sitting there innocently taking in the monstrous, sickly sweet propaganda of the destroyer and deceiver.

The real destruction comes later--in an inability to see what is wrong, an inability to see the true differences between peoples of the world. They will be delayed in their development, they will be turned from the path of truth to the path of destruction, their lives will have been taken over and their souls stolen by the agenda of the destroying Jews."

Cold Mountain

title or description

‘The jews stole our Confederate heroes and turned them into peacenicks wondering about war and such, with the plot bouncing between a woman and her ambiguous lesbian lover, and the wandering deserter who tramps across the south long enough to come across every steretypical southern cliche ridden character. From the evil baptist preacher to the inbred traitorous hillbilly. The only southerners who seem to be of anyworth in this 3 hour brainwash are the women this sop meets. Needless to say the strong male character must die in hollywoods sub conscious wish to see all western males dead, but before he goes he impregnates his love with a female child (who would have guessed). The movie ends with only the women around, accompanied by two gelded brow beaten men to do there whim around the farm. I have a feeling that who ever wrote this movie was merely a front for the ghost writer Ellen Degeneres.’


title or description

Anyone who appreciates the work of Leni Riefenstahl or Sergei Eisenstein should see this movie. It's artfully executed nationalist propaganda with popular appeal. The film is unlikely to stir the emotions of a white person the way it would a Chinese, but the pro-nation message should be apparent to anyone. Plus, the action is great and the aesthetics are out of this world.

As I was watching the movie (and thoroughly enjoying it) I kept thinking to myself, "****, we're eventually going to have to fight a war with these people and they're going to care about it more than us." Hero did very well in China, while American equivalents like The Patriot are widely lambasted for being "ham-handed" or "cheesy". It's a statement about the relative levels of patriotism (and therefore fighting spirit) in the two countries

Black Hawk Down

title or description

‘Anyone going to see the film Black Hawk down should take particular notice of why the Somalians actually won despite their many obvious weaknesses - being less technically advanced, too emotional, taking far greater losses, far more corrupt, disorganized, etc.

They won because the White Americans (mostly) underestimated them. And those White Americans also undervalued the strategic advantage of having widespread support in a large community, or even controlling just one neighborhood as a base.

Additionally the White Americans went up against a hardened MILITANT CULTURE created in that community of contrasting pro-revolutionary views, which united into one force when their beloved community was invaded by outsiders. In nature, by the way, the defenders of living space always have immense psychological advantages.

Now instead of being led around by the nose by the New World Order that got those White soldiers into that mess - with narrower thoughts about the skinnys, niggers, or Muslims - let's see what we can learn from such opponents in a more cool headed way.

Transfer the principles of COMMUNITY and CULTURE building to the peacetime conflicts of this country and you'll soon realize that White Americans are getting clobbered here too because they lack sufficient COMMUNITY among themselves.’


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‘The focus of this movie is about a male human dog played by Jude law, who goes around having sex with anything that will open its leggs.

Items 1 through 10 are glamorized, made sexy and fashionable.

1. Interracial Sex glamorized and promoted
2. Interracial Babies created
3. Cheating wives everywhere
4. Cheating girlfriends
5. Alcohol and substance Abuse
6. Empty Materialism, multiculturalism
7. promiscuous sex, impotence etc...
8. manipulation to rise to the top
9. endless back stabbing
10. Lying, cheating and betrayal.

Items 1 through 10 are glamorized, made sexy and fashionable.

This is a sick empty movie created by the jew world order for the further pollution of the minds of humanity. Endless empty and mindless decadence.’

The Lion King

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‘A good thing with the movie being animated: you don't have to see the voice actors. And the fact that convicted drug addict and socialist Whoopie Goldberg does the voice for a hyena only lifts the movie in my eyes.’

Panic Room

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just rented Panic Room this evening and thought I would post a review about it. It stars lesbian Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, Jared Leto, Dwight Yoakam, and ofcourse (wouldn't be a movie without one) negro Forest Witaker. I will let you you guys for homework, figure out if the others are jews or not and find out how many jews were pulling the strings behind the scenes anyhow...

Rather then go on and on about the plot, I am going to get right to the points that interest us, the white nationalist. It was a typical black is good, white is bad jew propagander movie.

The villians were two white guys and one negro. But, did you notice how the whites were portrayed as stupid, immoral, corrupt, and had zero redeeming qualities? Where as the nog was only in it for money to pay his custody battle bills? Gee, I didn't even know "father" was a word they even understood. Anyway, to make this even more anti-white, the nog was played out to be the brains behind the operation and also the one that designed the "Panic Room". He was the resourceful one, the one that was coming up with the good ideas but at the same time remaining moral. Just like in real life.

Later in the movie, when Jodie Foster's daughter is sick due from diabetic shock and needs her shot of insulin, the negro (being the kind ape the he is) makes sure she gets her shot while the white villian (Dwight Yoakam) is screaming about how he will cut the girl's throat.

Lastly, during the ending of the film, we see the the noble simian come to the rescue of the white family (Jodie Foster's ex-husband tries to aid them towards the end of the film, but turns out to be useless, he can't even shoot a guy 3 feet infront of him) and shoots the remaining white villian right before he is about to smash a sledge hammer into Jodie Foster's head.

One more scene I would like to mention, wouldn't be a jew produced movie without a scene such as this one...during the early part of the movie we see Jodie Foster sitting on the toilet and hear her urinating (Jews are sick people), now was this really needed to further the plot or be in the movie in the first place? Of course not, but jews enjoy such scenes.

So what does Joe and Jill sixpack conclude about all of this? What does a lemming think after viewing this anti-white garbage?

1. White men are weaklings, evil, corrupt poor hard working intelligent black men into a life of crime, beat children (i.e. Dwight Yoakam punching the 12 year old girl in the face), etc, etc.

2. White family structures are not needed, strong woman can handle themselves better then men accross the board (promoting feminism) Males (except for the negro) were shown to be useless and weak.

3. Black men are intelligent, hard working, caring, and moral people if not corrupted by evil white men.

I have been racially aware since a kid, but up until I started reading movie reviews on VNN by Mark Rivers, I never really noticed all of this stuff. We need to start pointing this stuff out to friends and family.


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"The movie is great! Aside from the heroism of Foxx's character, which I am skeptical is prominent in a Black man, better yet, a taxi cab driver, the movie shows the perversion that is the modern day. Cruise is shown to be an intelligent, capable and highly-dedicated person. Foxx is displayed as cowardly and obedient. I'd consider that relationship to be accurate."

"At least the movie didnt have race-mixing in it. The ape likes that female ape, im suprised, you would think it would be white chick. The guys in the alley were wiggers so that didnt really matter. Ill agree there was alot of propaganda in the movie though, like the ape saving the day, ya right."

"This would have to be the most anti-white movie iv'e seen in a long time. Everything from when the black cabbie takes the negress on a fare and tells her his life plans but when the white bloke gets in it's "mind your own business". Every villian in the movie was white, the gang of thugs in the alley, the main character, and of course the bumbling cops and menacing sercurity hitmen in the club. There's plenty more examples and i know this is nothing new but, AAHHHHHHHHHHH i can't bare it anymore. Tom cruise should know better."


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‘At one point in the movie they visit the public tennis court at which the Bettany character first learned to play. It was all torn to pieces and strewn with trash.

At the end of the movie the Bettany-Dunst team returns to that blasted public court with their two children to introduce them to the game. In the background there is a group of Negroes playing basketball in one corner - informing us of the source of the destruction of the courts, and by implication, of a threat to their future way of life. It is a deft touch!

This is the first movie I have seen in a long time in which a dominant white male gentile over six feet tall is cast in the role of a romantic lead. For that reason alone it deserves special recognition, as the inner party simply does not allow that sort of thing in Hollywood. Gone are the fifties when we had Gary Cooper, Troy Donahue, and Tab Hunter, and many other physically dominant gentile romantic leads over six feet tall in our movies.

To sum up, we have two whites who learn to be assertive, to win, to fall in love and to reproduce.

It is great romance and a great sports movie, and a model of outcomes to which all of our children and grandchildren should aspire.’

Apparently Hollywood is run by Jews ( ) who have a three pronged agenda:

"A. Getting us to accept and feel comfortable with the Hollywood image of ourselves as stupid, incompetent, insensitive, boorish, promiscuous and cowardly - all as a means of getting us to submit to our subordinate role in the multi-cultural scheme.

B. Getting us to accept and feel comfortable with the notion that we are not valid human beings unless we are in the company of negroes and being supervised and managed by the Hollywood image of the all-knowing and wise negro.

C. Getting us to accept non-whites as attractive sexual partners by constantly portraying interracial laisons, and especially, by promoting the Hollywood image of the inner party male as the only sensitive and understanding partner for White females, and by promoting the Hollywood image of the black male as the only verile, agressive and masculine partner for White females."

And if you really want to isolate yourself from multicultural society, you should only watch the movies on this list ( ). They seem to have a thing for Mel Gibson.